Project description

The project has a direct impact on scientific, feasibility and consumer society in four EU countries. The strong confrontation of the experiences of people from production, research and development and young students is expected as well. Organizers intend to get the highly current topic to the public awareness through the development of the closer contact with the production. The issue of creating a printed manual and a web presentation with the topic of passive and zero houses becomes more understandable to the general public, especially for those who are interested in the given matter. Anyway, the issue of healthy housing and energy consumption affects all of us. Project results can be a good source of comprehensive teaching materials for PhD students and young technicians also.

Project activities

1. Seminar: Together towards Zero Energy Buildings…Seminar in Zvolen. 25/09/2012

2. Workshop: Bridging research and practice. Workshop in Sopron. 16/05/2013

3. Demonstration activities:

a) Demonstration of passive house in Bojnice.

The inspection of realized passive house on 26/09/2012

b) Demonstration of research activities on energy efficient house in Sopron- 17/05/2013

4. Publication: Guide for energy efficient buildings. Manual for investors. A practical manual for investors of energy efficiency buildings.

5. Web- extending of web portal for a new chapter Passive and Zero Houses. E- Library.