Centre for the Development of Wood Processing, Furniture, and Pulp and Paper Industry

The Centre is a non-profit, free, special-interest, voluntary and non-political association. Members of the centre are research, development, entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial organisations.
The Centre was registered on 16. 08. 1998 at the County Council in Bratislava, Section of general administration, according to § 20i section. 2 of the Civil Code in the register of special-interest associations of legal entities, registered at the County Council.
The bodies of the Centre are: Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, Auditors.
The Centre for development of wood processing, furniture, pulp and paper industry co-operates with other Technical Centres founded by Ministry of Economy of SR.
The activity of Centre is governed by the Charter of Association.
The objective is preparation of strategic, conceptual and progress programs of research and development, co-ordination of co-operation in their preparation, solving and realisation of crucial and integrated projects in science and technology (applied science), collaboration in development of standardisation and its harmonisation with EU, co-ordinated development of testing, support in quality systems application, conceptual and analysing activity in the field of wood processing, furniture, pulp and paper industry.

RESEARCHERS & PRODUCERS V- 4: Development of cooperation in the field of passive and zero buildings.

A consortium of four universities Common Research V-4 in cooperation with selected producers of energy-positive buildings organizes professional meetings and inspection of buildings of the new energy generation. Cooperation will be based on the provisions of the European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings No 2010/31/EU and its derived national laws and regulations. The cooperation concentrates an effort of research institutes and producers to clarify the progress for a wide society.

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This project is funded within Standard grant of International Visegrad Fund http://visegradfund.org, Kr�ľovsk� �dolie 8, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovak Republic