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    “Beginning 2010 the CENTRE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT of Wood Processing,
    Furniture and Pulp and Paper Industry in Bratislava has begun
    actively to promote an international cooperation, which is mainly
    focused on encouraging the participation of Slovak researchers in the
    7th Framework Programme EC for research, technological
    development and demonstration activities. Its employees made more
    activity towards their foreign partners to participate on common
    procedure of an internationally oriented research. The Cooperation
    has started…”


    Within the frame of preparations of international projects supported by the European Union, the
    negotiations concerning of establishing an international research consortium organized by Pulp and
    Paper Research Institute Bratislava – department of Slovak Forest Products Research Institute and
    Technical University in Zvolen were initiated at Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of Mendel
    University in Brno in October 2010 and continued at the University of West Hungary in Sopron and
    Poznan University of Life Sciences.
    The results of the negotiations confirmed the interest of approached organizations to participate in
    international consortium “Common Research V–4“ to enter into the international research area
    (especially The 7th and The 8th Framework Programme).
    The organizers of previous negotiations entrusted the Centre of Development of Wood processing,
    Furniture and Pulp and Paper Industry in Bratislava (Centre of Development) to prepare technical and
    legal confirmation of contractual agreement on cooperation. The Centre of Development on the basis of
    submitted and approved International Visegrad Fund has prepared the project – Academic Workshop
    “Common research V–4”, which is implemented in Zvolen (Slovakia) on October 26th and 27th 2011
    in cooperation with partners mentioned above.
    The negotiation meeting held at Poznan University of life Sciences on March 30th 2011 has brought a
    direction for research activities on the issue – LOW (GREEN) ENERGY HOUSES. Topics for the
    possible cooperation on the issue mentioned above were based on the capabilities of individual partners
    as follow:

    1. Material and technological properties of relevant wood based material.
    2. Environmental and ecological impact of green houses.
    3. Comparison and harmonization of relevant standards.
    4. Marketing aspect of green houses.

    The staff of Centre for the Development was verifying the possibility of entering into research program
    Frame Program 7 during one year. Also its members have contacted the contact persons for FP7 in
    Slovakia as well as consulting agency that is ready to prepare a proposal for the project applying.
    Moreover, the Centres’ staff verified other opportunities for the cooperation at the bilateral level, where
    they managed to establish a joint research program between the Slovak and Hungarian parties.